Why does The BizMill work?

The BizMill follows the same concept as house builders and manufacturers of the 21st century – we embrace modular construction.

We identify the building blocks of a successful business and build offsite, using on demand staff as and when required. Every component is stress tested, making sure we extract the maximum value from each resource and as we repeat the process continuously with our clients, we can pass the learning and savings on, time after time.


Just like other industries, our modular construction begins at business launch right up to business maturity and exit.

Typical Managed Modular Services;

Data Gatherers – a full team for a number of days to analyse the potential market.

Marketing – Motivated staff, knowing the product/service inside out employed to kickstart the marketing before the department headcount falls to more acceptable levels.

Sales Support – An admin team ready to support the volume that may arrive, there is no excuse for non-delivery. If the volume is not there, we redeploy some of our employees to another business, leading to a lesser impact on costs.

At the other end of the scale, when it comes to an exit strategy or a different direction, we can provide Director(s) as and when needed, with the skills and contacts required for the business to achieve its goals.

Modular Offsite Construction Methodology and Just-in-Time delivery increases efficiency without compromising in quality.

The BizMill does not need to reinvent the wheel when it is already using it.


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