Why The BizMill?

Why does The BizMill do what it does?

In order to answer this question, we need to consider how things are normally done by individuals and businesses throughout the world.

When forming a business, whether it is just once or several times a year, most people will look at it from a certain angle, from a position of their own experience or perspective. Perhaps for seasoned business ‘formers’, 2 or maybe 3 different angles, but what they won’t do is look at it from all angles – the bigger picture.

For example, an accountant may start a business and set up an accounting system, a marketeer may start a business with a clear vision of marketing, but for all other aspects, they will either need to buy expertise in or muddle through with the experience and knowledge they have gained during their career or what they have done previously.

Not only is it about knowledge or experience or understanding the bigger picture. It is about the access, bringing elements together and getting them working seamlessly – our platform does all this and more. There are thousands of things that are required to start and run a business.

Anybody can start and run a business, but only a few can do both well. A company is created every minute in the UK but the vast majority won’t make it, the ones that do, how successful do they turn out to be? How quick does that success come? How patient are the stakeholders, the investors?


Decisions, decisions

Decisions in every business are usually one off/unique as the product or service is different, the timing is different, the people are different. Things change, the way we do business continually changes and this has never been more evident with how the recent coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. But despite this, we understand what it takes, what the core questions are, the key decisions we have to make regardless to pull it together.

With every decision, no matter how small, you are constantly reinventing the wheel.

  • Best way to purchase a domain and set up a website?
  • Quickest way to set up company?
  • Easiest way to open a bank account?
  • Who will be the board members, what roles will they play?
  • What human resource is required, how will you recruit?
  • What are the technical requirements, what IT support is needed?
  • Where will the workers be based, will you offer flexible working?
  • Social Media?
  • Trademarks?
  • Insurance?
  • How will we get leads?
  • How do we sell?
  • What happens when we have sold?


Everything that is needed to form and run a successful business is time consuming, sometimes very frustrating and can be expensive – The BizMill recognises this and it has created a powerful solution, a platform consisting of business support services.

The BizMill platform performs just like a factory, a production line hence the name. It can take a concept or idea right through to revenue, then grow and eventually scale a business.

The BizMill recognises each part of the business requires a different focus, skill set and resource. The BizMill has created a mechanism where focus is provided by each individual component of the platform, each department playing to its strengths and not relying on a wing and a prayer. The BizMill is prepared for any eventuality.

The resources available are flexible, the skill sets wide and the cost base low. The BizMill is different from others because:

  • Trained Staff available for most industries
  • Experienced in providing services directly
  • Infrastructure to manage the services provided
  • Data & Process driven using modular construction

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