Who Does The BizMill Support?

Investor, Entrepreneur, Owner – we can help you all

We Support Every Business…

The BizMill supports any business, in any industry, regardless of the stage it is in. We support new and existing businesses grow and scale through The BizMill Platform. We support the business owner, the investor or both to realise the true potential of, and de-risk, their proposition, creating added value and a highly curated opportunity.

How can you add value to me?

Discover below were we have broken down just some of the ways how we create unique added value through our ground breaking platform and more specifically the people and businesses The BizMill looks to help and support.


How The BizMill creates unique value

We have a proven approach to creating business value, whether through our tried and tested streamlined processes or bringing expertise together with our network of delivery partners, we look to enable your business, allowing it to grow and thrive using our business support services.

Modular processes

BizMill implements processes built using modular construction creating an effective business factory production line where divisions work seamlessly together to generate efficiencies – saving time, effort and money. These processes are project managed against to ensure smooth delivery, visibility, assurance and confidence. You can learn more about the process, how and why it works here.

Cost saving

Where processes are streamlined, you need a workforce to carry out the tasks and someone to manage them. Using our teams to do the work, you’re able to flexibly scale without the need to hire/fire or worry about troublesome HR headaches. We’ll take care of your administrative tasks too, leaving your people to focus on what they do best.

Bring expertise together

BizMill brings together 300+ UK wide interim / part time directors and non‐executives. These are business leading professionals who can add invaluable experience and fresh perspective to your business, supporting with business planning, vision and strategy. They are fully supported by back-office functions as part of a fully rounded managed service solution.

Actively Engage

Relationships with entrepreneurs, management teams and investors are critically important to us. We actively engage on the strategy for the business and understand what is needed to get the job done. We strongly believe in a true partnership approach between all stakeholders and ensure all headed in the same direction to maximise returns and achieve success. Together, stronger to unite and build.

End to end strategy, from birth to exit

We have years of experience in incubating, accelerating, growing and scaling business. We’re ready to support any business regardless what stage it is in and whatever the end goal might be. Whether looking to secure an M&A deal, diversify, open up new channels, sell or re-invest we look to add value from birth to exit leveraging the support of our partner Aspire Business Connect.

Who does The BizMill help?

New Businesses

It all starts with an idea. A concept. Transforming an idea or concept to a viable business can be very difficult, time consuming and costly. Most new ventures fail before they have even started. We can turn an idea into a working business in the shortest period of time possible, using a refined documented set of steps, organising the tasks required to complete each step in an efficient and robust process flow that is effectively managed through and reported against for complete visibility.

Growing Businesses

We know how important it is to have the right experience, skills, capability at the right time. We can support growth and scalability with our back-office teams just when you need it. This can be spearheaded by a leading professional who will help strategise and build your business, orchestrated through defined set of processes to drive results for the least amount of effort and cost.

Business Exits

As well as starting and growing business, there needs to be an exit strategy in mind. The BizMill will create added value to business in conjunction with its partners so at the right time an exit can be successfully navigated, yielding the right set of results and maximising returns.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

BizMill welcomes ambitious and driven individuals to come forward and take advantage of the BizMill platform. Whether a new idea or existing business we will work together to reach and exceed goals set, propel your business forward and achieve success. Through our delivery partners we can also provide investment for the right opportunity and offer access to licences to support new start-ups.


Reward vs Risk. A principle close to our hearts. There is no re-invention of the wheel; the process, expertise and space we provide turn the traditional incubator model into something truly unique, turning ideas to business time and time again. Our platform enables investments to be highly curated and improve the chance of success through less risk, whether it’s just a start-up, growing or scaling.

Discover how your new business venture or investment can be given the best chance of success by using The BizMill platform and our business support services by getting in touch today. You can also look out for new deals powered through The BizMill that are being put together by HQ(UK) by subscribing to our mailing list.

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