Our Vision

A Powerful Platform

Our vision is to build a powerful platform to create a place where businesses are free to flourish and thrive. We are creating something truly special, taking the traditional incubator model and transforming it into a ground breaking platform; a fully rounded comprehensive solution to support businesses with everything they could possibly need.

The BizMill platform brings together processes, people and property to take care of everything from a one-time transaction e.g. a logo design to a repeated process such as call answering or monthly accounting requirements.

Man in Suit

We provide any proposition with everything it needs to succeed including access to space and advice, taking care of anything that causes a distraction and instead points to clear direction, allowing full focus on the core purpose for any business. Making the business happen.


How will we achieve Our vision?

To build a powerful platform is no easy feat, with a variety of complex problems and intricacies to solve and things to consider. It takes a whole lot of time and investment too, we have been investing and building for a number of years. Our fundamental value is in the infrastructure, platform, network, support and expertise we have built/building through our property, processes and people across multiple continents with the support of our investment partner HQ UK. HQ UK provides the investment, we provide the tools to transform it.

Let’s put into context..


The Shard wasn't built in a day

Let’s take the well-known London landmark, the Shard, as a comparative example. How many years did it take to construct such a grand feat of engineering? How many years before that, did it take to expertly plan and get approval? How many years before that, was the vision born, an idea that eventually turned into what it is today?

During these years, what decisions had to be made to ensure planning and building approval, delivery partners, tradespeople, project managers and every last nut and bolt came together to create such a masterpiece? Once built, commercialisation, retail, offices, hotel, apartments, restaurants and a public viewing gallery were orchestrated seamlessly. You can see it takes time, the Shard wasn’t built in a day.

Pulling together


Building an robust platform is no different.

We have grown The BizMill Platform; pulling together a robust infrastructure of tried and tested processes, created the space through HQ Hubs and brought together the expertise of 300+ interim directors through our delivery partner network. The concept is the same. An idea to build a skyscraper. An idea to build a platform. An idea to build a business. We know what it takes and we’re ready.

We’re building a ground breaking platform to propel businesses forward, creating successful ventures together. Get in touch today to see how The BizMill can help take your business or investment to the next level, harnessing the power of the platform, we are so proud to provide.


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