The BizMill & Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding is a great way to get people and businesses involved in the backing of exciting projects in a relatively straight-froward way. Any project that we believe might be suitable still requires the same amount of effort and diligence to prepare and run, as backers and especially smaller ones are very shrewd in the projects they support.

Our crowd funding platform is run in the back-end of The BizMill website; this gives us the flexibility to easily provide direct links to interested parties (our crowd) or publish for any individual projects that we have setup and believe are suitable, so they can view details and become involved.

The BizMill Crowd

There is no point in having a crowd funding platform without a crowd!

For a successful funded project on even the most famous and public of crowd funding platforms, they usually have a large and engaged community behind them to make it work, ideally of customers, users or other supporters of what they are doing.

We do exactly the same, our crowd is drawn from our partners and their customers, prospective customers, members, users, referrals; this gives us a base approaching 100k individuals who might be interested in our projects.

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