Welcome to our Factory.

LEVEL 1 – Support Professionals
LEVEL 2 – Managed Services
LEVEL 3 – Governance

How can The BizMill operate at so many levels?

The BizMill Platform is multi-layered. Having layers that are designed to eliminate duplication and waste means the consumer benefits from the production process and can receive the best product or service at the best price.

In broad terms, a factory needs robust systems, processes and of course, people.

Last it may be, but not the least. Why do we have people on every level?

Level 1

This is where the doing is done. Imagining, thinking and dreaming won’t pay the bills. Doing will. Doing by thinking is much better though and that’s where Level 1 sits.

Level 1 Support Professionals are people with the skills to undertake tasks, this can be anything from simple Data Entry up to creating a 3D model of a Cathedral. Whether you are a typist or a Business Consultant for a Tech Company, you are the bedrock, the foundation that all levels rely on. Without our people doing the do, The BizMill would just be run of the mill (and we are certainly not that!)

Level 2

Where Level 1 consists of transactional work e.g. please do this or please do that, Level 2 moves the responsibility of doing the work to The BizMill.

Level 2 Managed Services takes the skills we have, combines it into a department and adds a specialist to head it up.

Where with Level 1, a client could ask for some emails to be sent out, with Level 2, the decision to send emails out would rely squarely on the Interim Director tasked with the job of managing his Marketing Team.

Marketing, IT, Admin, Design etc. all departments that can be run from The BizMill for any business – we have the professionals to do the work (LEVEL 1) and we have a qualified, skilled, professional, experienced person to manage it (LEVEL 2).

The BizMill boasts more than 300 Interim Directors, from all walks of life, all industries and many have supported multinational companies, even though they are just as skilled with start-ups.

The BizMill is confident we have the right Executive Director for any business, at any stage. This confidence is not unsurprising when you see the calibre of our professional team here.

Level 3

We can see LEVEL 1, we do as we are told, LEVEL 2 we do as we are told by seasoned professionals. When it comes to LEVEL 3, not only are we taking responsibility for the department our Interim Directors are running, we need to make sure we have the best interests of all the stakeholders in the business.

Level 3 Governance is provided by our Board of Directors. If we are taking the responsibility of a department or departments, who will tell us if we are doing a good job or if we can do more? The BizMill has been entrusted to look after a vital part of the business and we need to make sure we are pushing it forward rather than let it stagnate or fall behind its competitors.

These 3 levels, along with the layers within them, make up, what we believe, a robust blueprint and recipe for success, for any business.


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