What does The BizMill do with an idea?

Explaining the workings of The BizMill would require many more pages. It has taken years to refine and navigate the complex myriad of processes, aligning these with our people to create a robust infrastructure.

So, to give you a flavour and a worked through example, we’ll discuss what the R&D department would do.

Remember the R&D Department is just one cog in this non-reinvented wheel.

R&D Department Example

To help define the market place or potential market;

1. Bots and Crawlers are sent out to mine the internet, looking for public information held on the information superhighway.

2. Raw data is drilled for prospects and collated from multiple sources.

3. Business Intelligence Specialists refine this data and create lists of useable information.

4. Marketing Experts fine tune this intelligence and make the data fit for purpose.

The above steps convert millions of bytes of information into nuggets of relevant data suitable for inclusion in the marketing for your idea.

The next step would be reaching out to these prospects. The BizMill has the ability to reach out to 250,000 contacts a day – reaching out to more can be arranged but the quality of the prospects should never be compromised.

The R&D Department means The BizMill is not dependent on external organisations for data collection, purchasing “Prospect lists” or even paying monthly fees to search engines for PPC advertising. Although we have the access and capability to do so, if needed.

The BizMill can create prospects, engage with them and offer services that are relevant too, helping your business to gain traction – all with minimal input from you or your team.

Hubs, Hubs & Hubs

HQ(UK) Ltd has set up 20+ HQProfession Hubs, with approximately 100,000 members – the relevance of this you ask?

What better way to create the initial market place, test the viability and get your business off the ground than a ready made engaged audience?

So, we have spoken about R&D, the next logical step would be to put the quality of the prospects to a test – engagement alone will not generate revenue, there needs to be a call to action.

The BizMill would activate the Marketing team, including;

  • Inbound/Outbound Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Web Chat
  • Email Responses

The above is just one part of the intricate system that is The BizMill (and this is just one part of one level of the factory).

This is The BizMill in a nutshell.

Nothing we do is new here. But that is not the point. We try to do what can take the most effort and cost, meaning the product or service in question has the greatest chance of success with a much lower amount of cost and waste.


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