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Incubator and Accelerator
Founded and Led by Angels

BizMill powers businesses by providing them with a platform to propel their business forward.

From an idea or concept, to a fully functioning, revenue generating, viable business. Our processes, people and property together create a robust infrastructure in which to build our ground breaking platform that enables businesses to make it happen.

Again, Again and Again

The BizMill Platform has been created to support almost any business, of any size, in any industry, regardless of the stage it is in.

The BizMill Platform:

Brings expertise together, with defined processes;

Creates a unique and effective solution;

Transforms ideas from drawing-board to boardroom™.

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The Platform

  • The Market Place
  • The Product
  • The Board
  • The Strategy
  • The R&D
  • The Production
  • The People
  • The Admin
  • The IT
  • The Finance
  • The Design
  • The Marketing
  • The Sales
  • The Repeat

What is The BizMill?

We are the exclusive platform for HQ(UK) Ltd. HQ UK is the source of energy The BizMill requires to operate its platform. If we were a WaterMill, HQ UK would be the water flow, the energy for the Mill to produce its power. Put simply HQ UK is the investor, the cash. The investments are then transformed by putting them through The BizMill.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the water flows – The BizMill operates continuously, as we all know, the world doesn’t sleep.

The BizMill Platform or Operating System, consists of operations and processes from different divisions working seamlessly together to help create, incubate, develop, grow and scale a business.

The BizMill Platform has all the steps already mapped out to remove wasted time, minimise effort and reduce costs. Whether you set up just the one business or are setting up multiple businesses, the steps are the same.


Discover how your new business venture or investment can be given the best chance of success by using The BizMill platform by getting in touch today. You can also look out for new deals powered through The BizMill that are being put together by HQ UK by subscribing to our mailing list below. We’ll also keep you up to date with exciting news and new initiatives, such as “Pitch to the Mill” – check this out here.

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The Inner Workings of The BizMill



The investment and energy behind the power.

Idea To Business

Idea To Business

Initial support



Intensive care

TSZ Hubs

TSZ Hubs

Hand holding

247 Hubs

247 Hubs

Set it free

Our Delivery Partners

The BizMill platform makes effective use of all the resources and talent available through our delivery partners, including access to over 300 interim directors.

Whether you’re looking to give your new idea or investment the best possible chance of success or you’re looking at how to grow and seize new opportunities to add value to your business, we have it all covered. Take advantage of our business support services today.

We also make the effective use of the physical spaces at;